EpicBattleAxe Is Done, But It Will NEVER DIE!

Forged in an unrelenting hell fire of fortitude and possessing more passion than every single N-Gage player put together, EpicBattleAxe.com and its flagship podcast, EpicBattleCry, quite literally altered the face of the universe.

Prior to its arrival in 2008, the internet was a cold, dead, unfriendly place for lovers of games, constructive discussion, and crudely fashioned Photoshop images. Then, out of the twisted mind (which was covered by lavish hair) of Daniel Kayser, there germinated a seed of something special…something different…something STUPENDOUSLY STUPID.

Harassing his one-time roommate Tony Grice and his only known friend to possess the deadly combination of podcasting equipment, a video camera, and a bad-ass goatee (that's Brent), Daniel decided to buy his friends drinks at a bar and get them drunk until they agreed to talk about videogames with him at least once a week.

The internet was changed forever.

Soon after the podcast took shape, Daniel talked another friend, Reuben Escobar Sanchez Phelios Sweetwater Turner Moretz, into doing the heavy lifting in regards to building a website. Seriously, computers were heavy back then. Then, the website that hosted EpicBattleCry and daily news/features content was converted into a community-driven platform where enthusiastic gamers from around the globe could share their passion for play and the occasional link to porn. This community blossomed into a burgeoning brood of bad-assery where intelligent, constructive, and even FRIENDLY conversation proved that not all internet commenters are ass-hats. Then, Daniel realized that despite EBA's accomplishments, we were missing one critical factor to achieve ongoing success - a Jew. That is when Lorin "wanna buy a watch" Baumgarten joined team EBA to deliver insightful features, entertaining co-hosting, and more Hamantash than you can shake a Wii-mote at.

And so, after six years of operation and 250 official episodes of EpicBattleCry, the team has called it quits to pursue other projects, rescue children from fires, entice a variety of super models, drink beer, smoke various legalized substances, train with Shaolin Monks, crash race cars, donate blood, swim with dolphins, paint eggs, hand-carve viking boats, or do whatever it is that you think will make them cool.

Although the fall of 2014 marked the end of ongoing efforts for EpicBattleAxe and the EpicBattleCry podcast, the team is leaving behind access to their show so you can enjoy all that EBA had become whenever you are so inclined. The team encourages you to pass these episodes on to your children and your children's children - perhaps as a new family tradition or perhaps as punishment - your call.

No matter what though, team EBA says THANK YOU to each and every listener, site visitor, and member of the Axe Head Army who helped them make this project more than they could have ever dreamed. You were (and are) the heart and soul of the EpicBattleAxe movement, and for that WE LOVE YOU! (but not as much as the supermodels...)