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My Next Drifting Video - YOU decide

Howdy fellow AxeHeads! First off, thankyou to the small handful of you that took interest in my recent Forza 5 drifting videos. They're gre…

Started by Abberjam

1 yesterday
Reply by Marcos

Stories in videogames (?)

I'm sitting here on a friday night and I've been thinking about all the games I've played through my years of gaming and I'm having a reall…

Started by Emil

13 on Sunday
Reply by Aussie Legend

Which gaming devices do you own/plan to buy for the new generation?

Just interested to see what you all plan on playing your games on this gen. Personally I own a gaming PC, Wii U and 3DS XL which pretty muc…

Started by Joshua

6 on Saturday
Reply by Wayne Polumbus

Secrets of Grindea

Anyone seen this game? looks really fun and a friend of mine said that the pre-order is starting today, w…

Started by Hans Johansson

1 Apr 16
Reply by Aussie Legend

Bioshock: Possibly the Greatest Storytelling in a Video Game Series Ever?

Just completed Bioshock Infinite: Episode Two and WOW... the storytelling is UNBELIEVABLE. This is storytelling on another level. Can't do…

Started by Veggiemator

3 Apr 8
Reply by Altered Soup

What HD Remake or franchise or reboot do you want to see next gen?

Hi guys like the titles says I'd like to know What HD Remake or franchise or reboot do you want to see next gen? I'll kick it off. I like…

Started by Hellion

46 Apr 3
Reply by Derrick DesRoches

Facebook buys Oculus VR!

So, apparently Facebook just bought Oculus VR. I did not see this one co…

Started by David Jørgensen

15 Mar 30
Reply by ICO_hr

PS Plus April's free games leaked

 Mercenary Kings will be your free PlayStation 4 giveaway for the month. On PS3 we will have Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and Sly Cooper: Thie…

Started by Miguel Ramos

3 Mar 28
Reply by Steve Young

Facebook buys Occulus Rift, and we lose our shit

Dear friends, Has the video game industry felt lackluster recently? I can't help but feel like some of the blame may rest on us, the consu…

Started by Josh Wilkinson

3 Mar 28
Reply by DefGeoff256

EBA Warframe clan (PS4)

Hello felow axe heads, i was looking for a EBA clan on Warframe on the Playstation 4 and since i didnt found any here in the forums i decid…

Started by Tiago Pratas

1 Mar 25
Reply by Hellion


The War Chest



The Axe Factor Poll!

What do YOU think the game industry should do to address social injustice?
Nothing, everyone should make the games they want to and include whatever they like0%
Provide players a choice with regard to gender/ethnicity/sexuality0%
At every stage of the process, simply ask "Are we being exclusionary?"0%
Other (Post a comment on TAF 156)0%
Not much needs to happen beyond raising awareness, people will make better choices once they understand why its important0%
Accurate information needs to be injected so publishers understand that being inclusionary doesn't equate financial loss0%


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Sorry All: No EBC This Week :[

Hey all, sad news I'm afraid. DK's computer suffered a serious hiccup and is off being nursed back to health. Unfortunately, we're not going to be able to record EpicBattleCry this week. Hopefully, things will be back to the routine next week. See you then!

The Axe Factor 156: The Year of Aliens

The darkness cannot conceal you from The Axe Factor! This week, we're joined by guest-host Alex Thomas of Stoic to drool over Alien Isolation, golf-clap Hitman GO, and discuss a BioWare Dev's call for the industry to end social injustice in gaming.


This Week:

What We’re Watching:…

Gamer or QA tester? Early Access (long)

On the 16th of May 2007 the Halo 3 public Multiplayer Beta saw release for members of Microsoft's Xbox Live Subscription service. It contained 3 maps, a handful of game modes to play as well as a selection of the new weapons added in the sequel. Ostensibly the build was disseminated to test the matchmaking system, network loads and game balance but the use of an outdated iteration or 'Build', the heavy marketing and it's bundling with another…

Easter greetings!

I'm visiting my parents over Easter, and I come across a few old computer magazines I bought as a youngin. As I read, memories wash over me.…

TWIG: Don't Starve, The Wolf Among Us, Broken Sword 5, Ether One (Finished!)

So, something interesting happened as I once again played the crap out of Don't Starve this week: I lost a little steam. It seems like I know the tricks now, more or less, to surviving past winter and staving off insanity. I have had several very successful (70+days) runs this past week,…


Your team in Pokemon X & Y

Started by Hellion in Site Discussions. Last reply by Hellion 23 hours ago. 6 Replies

Just getting back into Pokemon and wanted to know who do you guys have in your team?Thanks to some cool trades on wonder trades I have a old school team…Continue


Started by Amrit Randay in Off-Topic Discussions. Last reply by Hellion 23 hours ago. 45 Replies

Welcome Axe-Head Army.  I wanted to basically make this thread dedicated to pickups!  Feel free to share what you've bought for the month so far, and all the months to come!  It can be game related,…Continue

Tags: stuff, awesome, collectibles, pickups

The Axehead Demographic

Started by Selcinorhc in Site Discussions. Last reply by J K yesterday. 24 Replies

Greetings all, I've been thinking about the EBA community recently and have been wondering about what gamers our site is comprised of.  What do we do for a living, what sort of time we devote to…Continue

My Next Drifting Video - YOU decide

Started by Abberjam in Game Discussions. Last reply by Marcos yesterday. 1 Reply

Howdy fellow AxeHeads! First off, thankyou to the small handful of you that took interest in my recent Forza 5 drifting videos. They're great fun to make and help cure my boredom :PFor my next video…Continue

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