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Divinity Original Sin, best game I have played in 5+ years

This game reignited my love for video games. That usually happens once every few years with me and this game has done it. I have sunk over…

Started by Eric

1 on Wednesday
Reply by Berserkaren

Destiny Beta Codes, Who has extras and who wants em?

So due to some really ridiculous circumstances, I've found myself with a few extra Destiny Beta codes on the following consoles: PS4, PS3,…

Started by Mord4k

9 on Wednesday
Reply by Barachim

Destiny and my concerns (after alpha)

Destiny is one of my most wanted games for this year. I can't wait to get into the beta and have my fears quelled ...or justified if I am u…

Started by StarBound

4 Jul 19
Reply by Daracus

Axeheads do Mario Kart 8

Balance your chassis, polish your rims and fluff up your sponge tyres. They say the Wii U hasn't sold well I say we're exclusive. I thought…

Started by Hellion

11 Jul 16
Reply by best_jeppe

Creating the budget PC with a bite

So I had an itch that had to be scratched and in the end I just needed to do this. I'm still waiting on the motherboard but today I got my…

Started by StarBound

12 Jul 13
Reply by StarBound

Last Guardian missed surprise.

I don't understand, why wait until the 11th hour and then spoil what could have been one of the biggest E3 surprises ever?http://www.polygo

Started by Jason Dane Canterbury

10 Jul 10
Reply by Mord4k

What HD Remake or franchise or reboot do you want to see next gen?

Hi guys like the titles says I'd like to know What HD Remake or franchise or reboot do you want to see next gen? I'll kick it off. I like…

Started by Hellion

55 Jul 10
Reply by Mord4k

Who won E3?

This past week, we've had some exciting news and announcements about what's up and coming in the gaming industry. This year there were five…

Started by lacerta_3

1 Jun 19
Reply by dj_illmatic

Time is Play.

After a long, and I mean long, cut scene the Metal Gear Sold 2 credits role, I breath out a sigh as a sense of bitter-sweet accomplishment …

Started by lacerta_3

2 Jun 8
Reply by Ullsokk

The Witcher 3 best looking in engine game ever? Maybe, maybe not. But most exciting trailer I have seen in years!

Watched the live stream today and wow this game is shaping up to be amazing. I have not been this jazzed from a trailer in over half a deca…

Started by Eric

4 Jun 6
Reply by Aussie Legend


The War Chest


The Axe Factor Poll!

What's YOUR take on successful Kickstarters failing to deliver?
Kinda confirms my worst suspicions/fears about crowd-funding.0%
It doesn't really discourage me, there's always the possibility a project won't work out0%
I think projects need to start formulating a plan for what happens if the project folds0%
I'm going to be much more selective about funding things in the future0%


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Axehead Assembly #41: Bill Paxton Appreciation Day

Prepare to mouth off like a bad-ass then shrivel like a coward when the shit hits the fan, because the Axehead Assembly is determined to go out in a foul mouthed blaze of glory!

This time on the Axehead Assembly, we continue…

Hands on from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Part 2

I kid you not, that monstrosity pictured above opens up and you get into a bucket seat before it closes to commence the Alien Isolation demo. It's easily 10 feet tall and most of it is shell so you can imagine how cramped it is on the inside. Uh......yeah, marketing? Again, before I…

EpicBattleCry - Will Dark Souls Sell Out Like Dead Space? [PLUS WEEKLY WRAP-UP]

Today, @Murdorain wants to know why big publishers don't care about core gamers? Is it inevitable that all franchises become watered-down vehicles for mass appeal? Is Dark Souls doomed to end up like Dead Space? We dare to peer into the future of core franchises on today's edition of Gaming's Most Brutal Podcast!

PLUS, here's the high-octane uncut audio show for this week:…

Hands on from San Diego Comic-Con 2014

It's a truly odd year at the SDCC game wise(hence the non-gaming pic that was more exciting in all honesty). It truly is a vanilla year for games as bizarre choices and just an average effort of marketing is on display. From the recycled demo of Bayonetta 2 from the previous year to the complete absence…

EpicBattleCry - Are Alien: Isolation, Dragon Age: Origins, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor & More too much of a good thing?

On today's EpicBattleCry we field a question from Aaron (@_Aaron_17) about the embarrassment of riches that will be October's gaming release calendar. Are there TOO MANY good games coming out in one time frame? We discuss exactly how much this ROCKtober will Rock on today's edition of gaming's most brutal video podcast!

Got a question for the EpicBattleCry crew?…


Something Wicked Studioz - One part lore discussion, one part trying to be funny, one part a lot of other stuff

Started by Mord4k in Shameless Self-Promotion yesterday. 0 Replies

So a few months ago I started up a gaming channel and if any of you feel like checking it out, that'd be awesome. We over at Something…Continue

Tags: Channel, Youtube


Started by Amrit Randay in Off-Topic Discussions. Last reply by Hokum on Friday. 49 Replies

Welcome Axe-Head Army.  I wanted to basically make this thread dedicated to pickups!  Feel free to share what you've bought for the month so far, and all the months to come!  It can be game related,…Continue

Tags: stuff, awesome, collectibles, pickups

Bionics. Deus Ex, here we come.

Started by Barachim in Off-Topic Discussions. Last reply by Daracus on Friday. 11 Replies

Thought you'd all love this. I can't believe how far technology has come.Continue

XCOM Ironman - EBA Soldiers VS The Alien Menace

Started by Ian - Alexander Arts in Shameless Self-Promotion. Last reply by Scott Quertinmont on Thursday. 17 Replies

My girlfriend Jenny and I are working on a new survival series. We had a lot of fun with Minecraft Hardcore, and now we are going to try XCOM.The XCOM Ironman playlist is here:…Continue

Tags: youtube, XCOM

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