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Enjoying your gaming

This is a response to a post I made on feeling bleh about all the games I've been trying after finishing a big game. I thought this might b…

Started by Paul Boland

6 Jul 15
Reply by Abel2Disable

DK let go from GT?????

PLEEEEASE please please tell me that ebc will still continue tho...not saying it's part of gametrailers but it's likely one of the best par…

Started by Scory Watkins

12 Jun 24
Reply by Miguel Ramos

The Business side of the gaming industry - insights on getting into it?

Hey EBA community, been a while since I've posted here. Been working my ass off and just completed my CPA. (I'm an accountant at Deloitte &…

Started by Hutchi89

1 Jun 11
Reply by Hokum

RSS Feed Broken?

Since the last EBC episode the following RSS feed seems to be broken:

Started by King

2 Jun 9
Reply by Axel

disappearing post?

I made a post last night and it seems to be gone. What gives?

Started by Jason Dane Canterbury

0 May 15

"My Page" Customization - No More Music?

Music is a big part of gaming culture. We all love our gaming music and many of us have added playlists of our favorite tracks on our EBA p…

Started by Abel2Disable

2 May 5
Reply by Abel2Disable

Day 1 Digital

How do you feel about PlayStation's Day 1 Digital? I like the option of trading games in if I'm done with them sooner than I thought, but h…

Started by Wayne Polumbus

13 May 4
Reply by Gunshow

The Axehead Demographic

Greetings all, I've been thinking about the EBA community recently and have been wondering about what gamers our site is comprised of.  Wha…

Started by Selcinorhc

29 Apr 25
Reply by Daniel Orellana

Your team in Pokemon X & Y

Just getting back into Pokemon and wanted to know who do you guys have in your team? Thanks to some cool trades on wonder trades I have a…

Started by Hellion

6 Apr 22
Reply by Hellion

Divinity Original Sin partner?

Hey all, just about to download the new Divinity on Steam and I'd like someone to play with. Anybody just starting or has been for awhile b…

Started by Starwind

5 Apr 15
Reply by Starwind


The War Chest


The Axe Factor Poll!

What's YOUR take on successful Kickstarters failing to deliver?
Kinda confirms my worst suspicions/fears about crowd-funding.0%
It doesn't really discourage me, there's always the possibility a project won't work out0%
I think projects need to start formulating a plan for what happens if the project folds0%
I'm going to be much more selective about funding things in the future0%


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EpicBattleCry - Should Bungie's Destiny Should Come to PC ASAP?

Destiny is easily one of the most highly-anticipated games in the industry, but despite its obvious appeal to PC players, fans on that platform remain out in the cold. We kick off this week's editions of EpicBattleCry with a question from Christer Lindqvist (@ChristerLindqv1) about the potential arrival of Bungie's Destiny on the PC

Got a question for the EpicBattleCry crew? Hit us up on Twitter via @EpicBattleAxe and tune in Monday-Friday to find…

Hands on from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Nintendo Blowout

Nintendo has benefitted the most with their last few years at SDCC, by ditching the crowded convention hall in order to create a more intimate and focused presentation of all things Nintendo by having it at a ballroom in a adjoining hotel. It's not big or flashy but has that old dimly lit room…

Axehead Assembly #41: Bill Paxton Appreciation Day

Prepare to mouth off like a bad-ass then shrivel like a coward when the shit hits the fan, because the Axehead Assembly is determined to go out in a foul mouthed blaze of glory!

This time on the Axehead Assembly, we continue…

Hands on from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Part 2

I kid you not, that monstrosity pictured above opens up and you get into a bucket seat before it closes to commence the Alien Isolation demo. It's easily 10 feet tall and most of it is shell so you can imagine how cramped it is on the inside. Uh......yeah, marketing? Again, before I…

EpicBattleCry - Will Dark Souls Sell Out Like Dead Space? [PLUS WEEKLY WRAP-UP]

Today, @Murdorain wants to know why big publishers don't care about core gamers? Is it inevitable that all franchises become watered-down vehicles for mass appeal? Is Dark Souls doomed to end up like Dead Space? We dare to peer into the future of core franchises on today's edition of Gaming's Most Brutal Podcast!

PLUS, here's the high-octane uncut audio show for this week:…



Started by Zoltan in Game Discussions. Last reply by Hellion 7 hours ago. 2 Replies

Hail to the mighty Axehead Army!Let's discuss Rocksmith/Rocksmith 2014. For those of you who don't know: Rocksmith is a 'music video game', very similar to Guitar Hero. Instead of playing on plastic…Continue

Tags: music, guitar, rocksmith

Something Wicked Studioz - One part lore discussion, one part trying to be funny, one part a lot of other stuff

Started by Mord4k in Shameless Self-Promotion on Saturday. 0 Replies

So a few months ago I started up a gaming channel and if any of you feel like checking it out, that'd be awesome. We over at Something…Continue

Tags: Channel, Youtube


Started by Amrit Randay in Off-Topic Discussions. Last reply by Hokum on Friday. 49 Replies

Welcome Axe-Head Army.  I wanted to basically make this thread dedicated to pickups!  Feel free to share what you've bought for the month so far, and all the months to come!  It can be game related,…Continue

Tags: stuff, awesome, collectibles, pickups

Bionics. Deus Ex, here we come.

Started by Barachim in Off-Topic Discussions. Last reply by Daracus on Friday. 11 Replies

Thought you'd all love this. I can't believe how far technology has come.Continue

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