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Going to the new website?

Just curious how many Axeheads are going to be heading over to the new website, once Lorin and Brent get it up and running? I will be for s…

Started by Karoc

23 Nov 12
Reply by Chimera-Six

What has Epic Battle Cry / Epic Battle Axe meant to you?

I'm kind of surprised that no one has started this topic yet, but with the recent announcement of Epic Battle Cry coming to an end, I thoug…

Started by Michael Esguerra

15 Oct 17
Reply by Karim R.

Can we change your minds? :-)

Now I'm sure we don't know all the reasons for hanging up EBC, but is there anything the community of EBA can help? I'm sure may of us are…

Started by Karoc

13 Oct 9
Reply by Karoc

So what do you think about Playstation Now?

What I don't get is the pricing structure. 3 dollars for 4 hours of game is absurd. 15 dollars for 90 days of one old game, that you can pr…

Started by Miguel Ramos

7 Aug 1
Reply by Aaron B

Enjoying your gaming

This is a response to a post I made on feeling bleh about all the games I've been trying after finishing a big game. I thought this might b…

Started by Paul Boland

6 Jul 15
Reply by Abel2Disable

DK let go from GT?????

PLEEEEASE please please tell me that ebc will still continue tho...not saying it's part of gametrailers but it's likely one of the best par…

Started by Scory Watkins

12 Jun 24
Reply by Miguel Ramos

The Business side of the gaming industry - insights on getting into it?

Hey EBA community, been a while since I've posted here. Been working my ass off and just completed my CPA. (I'm an accountant at Deloitte &…

Started by Hutchi89

1 Jun 11
Reply by Hokum

RSS Feed Broken?

Since the last EBC episode the following RSS feed seems to be broken:

Started by King

2 Jun 9
Reply by Axel

disappearing post?

I made a post last night and it seems to be gone. What gives?

Started by Jason Dane Canterbury

0 May 15

"My Page" Customization - No More Music?

Music is a big part of gaming culture. We all love our gaming music and many of us have added playlists of our favorite tracks on our EBA p…

Started by Abel2Disable

2 May 5
Reply by Abel2Disable


The War Chest


The Axe Factor Poll!

Do YOU agree that buying 'Sixth Day Edition' games will help protect gamers?
Yes, if they see we're waiting it will change their behavior 0%
No, buying the game a week later is still buying the game. If they get our money, they'll keep screwing us0%
I think it can help with broken games and questionable pre-release reviews but not the larger industry problems we face0%
Most gamers aren't paying enough attention for this to become widespread 0%


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Community Blogs

The Axe Factor 181: A Fat Guy Named No Man's Sky

Rubber bullets cannot save you from The Axe Factor! This week, we lose our minds over the latest media from Batman: Arkham Knight, discuss one listener's suggestion that we renounce pre-orders to combat broken games, and go hands-on with Far Cry 4, GTA V, and more!


This Week:

What We’re Watching:…

Axefactor 180. We Get What We Deserve

I would love to change my username to DaySixEdition games.

Greetings fellow Axeheads.  I am once again compelled to write my thoughts in the same theme I wrote every other time in relation to the AxeFactor #180.  Our glorious Axelords Brent and Lorin again ponder as to why it is that our industry treats us like crap.  There is even a pole again for us to express what we feel about the situation.

The pole is missing the ''The industry treats us as we deserve.''   Which is what…

The Axe Factor 180: A Guy Who Knows That We Know

Grapple-parachute-traversal cannot save you from The Axe Factor! This week, we're checking in on Tales From the Borderlands, digging on some Just Cause 3 and pondering our experiences as a customer of the game industry.


This Week:

What We’re Watching:…

AC: Unity - The good, the bad and the ugly

The good:

- Graphics. It looks stunning and the amount of NPC's roaming through the city give the game a nice ambiance and make the city come to life like no other game has ever done before.

- Interiors. Much more inside buildings now. Fast short cuts through a house or complete missions taking place in a palace. Not every house is accessible but there is plenty of them to make it divers. 

- Riddles. Less hand holding this game. Riddles and murder cases to tease the…

Hatred is not about violence & here's why

PSA: Nothing I am saying is meant to be inflammatory or antagonizing. I am simply informing you the reader on my personal take of the Hatred controversy now that it has been several weeks and we can really take a step back to examine what the issue is.


The Hatred controversy is not about Violence in video games... Hatred is not about Grand Theft Auto, Hatred is not about Halo, heck Hatred is not about Boondock Saints or even Sons of Anarchy. Hatred is about Columbine, there I…


Far Cry 4 PC mouse acceleration curve fix

Started by Adam David in Game Discussions yesterday. 0 Replies

I heard on the show that Lorin was looking forward to Far Cry 4. I did a little research to see if I should buy it, and found out mouse control on PC is horrible, but there is a fix on reddit, I just…Continue

Tags: game, release, date, controls, broken

Going to the new website?

Started by Karoc in Site Discussions. Last reply by Chimera-Six Nov 12. 23 Replies

Just curious how many Axeheads are going to be heading over to the new website, once Lorin and Brent get it up and running?I will be for sure.Continue

Video Games Live

Started by Zoltan in Off-Topic Discussions. Last reply by Viking Brent Nov 10. 1 Reply

In this thread we discuss Video Games Live."Video Games Live (VGL) is a concert series created and produced by industry veterans and video game composers…Continue

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