Hanging out with Brent, Tony, and the PlayStation 4: The complete series

Greetings my friends! 

I hope everyone else's PlayStation 4 launch weekend was as epic as mine was. I've haven't gorged on games like this in years so, its really been spectacular fun. As some of you may already know, Tony and I were rolling video most of the night on Thorsday into Friday, documenting our first experiences with the PS4 and some of its games. 

I've collected all the videos we shot for launch night here and placed them in the correct sequence along with a few pics from inside the store (they wouldn't let us shoot video). As close as video can come, this is our PlayStation 4 launch experience in all its glory.

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Nice. Love watching those videos! Keep 'em comin'!

And also, I gotta say: sharing stuff on the PS4 seems very easy to do. I always thought that I'd never use the share button once. But after seeing how easy and responsive it is, I need to re-think that.

PS4 seems like an awesome console, but the launch line up just plain sucks. Killzone looks average, Knack looks downright bad and as far as exclusives go that's it. i was in the PS4 camp from the beggining but Xbone launch line up looks way better to me. Obviously PS4 is gonna get more games with time, and hopefully the list of awesome exclusive titles is only gonna get bigger, but at this point I see no reason to buy a PS4. I'm gonna wait at least until the first price drop, compare the games lists for both PS4 and Xbone and then I'm gonna make my decision, for now I'm sticking with PC.

Thanks Brent and Tony for great vids, hopefully we can expect similar vids  next week when Tony gets his Xbox.

"It one of those portable water bottles" The future is here indeed :)

Hmm...I do not see the broadcast on Brent's Twitch channel. Do I have to do something?

It's an older recording from the PS4 launch night. 

I can't find it. Link?

For some reason, Twitch isn't recording and archiving streams from PS4. I can only hope this changes in the future.

the 1.5 update would have gone faster if you would have just done it through the internet. It just downloaded itself while I was doing the language and timezone setup. When I got to the main menu, installed and done.

I enjoy these Brent. Felt like I was along for the ride! Although I won't be picking up a PS4 or XB1 until  early Spring (four kids cost lost of $ around Xmas time) I still feel like I am part of the experience. So thanks for that.

Is that a slightly mangled fork hanging from Brents neck? My curiosity of this totally overshadows the ps4 launch right now. I need to know the story bedind that fork!

This was very entertaining! Thanks for taking the time to make these.

Are you thinking of making the same thing when Tony picks up his XB1? It should make for an interesting comparison.


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Hanging out with Brent, Tony, and the PlayStation 4: The complete series

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