Hey all, for anyone interested in checking out our complete video journal of launch night for the Xbox One, here it is! This is every bit of video we shot that evening, in chronological order, tracking our impressions from the moment we left the store until we finally broke away for breakfast the next morning.

Please to enjoy!

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Thanks for the vids. It does somewhat confirm the suspicions I had about the UI. Glad I decided to hold off for a while and tbh; PS4 is starting to look more attractive every day. Might get it after all.

"...you gotta learn the maps... aaah!" ... Good point Tony :D


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The Axe Factor Poll!

What do YOU think the game industry should do to address social injustice?
Nothing, everyone should make the games they want to and include whatever they like0%
Provide players a choice with regard to gender/ethnicity/sexuality0%
At every stage of the process, simply ask "Are we being exclusionary?"0%
Other (Post a comment on TAF 156)0%
Not much needs to happen beyond raising awareness, people will make better choices once they understand why its important0%
Accurate information needs to be injected so publishers understand that being inclusionary doesn't equate financial loss0%


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A response to yet ANOTHER racist rant against White Male Gamers.

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Sorry All: No EBC This Week :[

Hey all, sad news I'm afraid. DK's computer suffered a serious hiccup and is off being nursed back to health. Unfortunately, we're not going to be able to record EpicBattleCry this week. Hopefully, things will be back to the routine next week. See you then!

The Axe Factor 156: The Year of Aliens

The darkness cannot conceal you from The Axe Factor! This week, we're joined by guest-host Alex Thomas of Stoic to drool over Alien Isolation, golf-clap Hitman GO, and discuss a BioWare Dev's call for the industry to end social injustice in gaming.


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Hanging Out With Tony, Brent, and the Xbox One

Started by Viking Brent. Last reply by nGAGE Nov 26, 2013. 1 Reply

Hey all, for anyone interested in checking out our complete video journal of launch night for the Xbox One, here it is! This is every bit of video we shot that evening, in chronological order,…Continue

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