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""How to Turn a New Leaf at the Animal Crossing (GDC 2014)":"
8 hours ago
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""Next Ace Attorney delivers justice to 19th century Japan":"
9 hours ago
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney's soundtrack will be getting a piano album. :)

逆転裁判ピアノアレンジCD「逆転裁判 ピアノアルバム」レコーディング映像

「逆転裁判」シリーズ初のピアノアレンジCD「逆転裁判 ピアノアルバム」が、4/23(水)に発売!! 「逆転裁判 蘇る逆転」「逆転裁判2」「逆転裁判3」を対象に人気曲を選出し、「やさしいピアノ・ソロ Ver.」と「CDオリジナル Ver.」の2バージョンのアレンジ楽曲にまとめた全19曲。 「やさしいピアノ・ソロ V...
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"Deponia for 2€ on Steam? Well, don't mind if I do."
Apr 11
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Nintendo Pocket Football Club - Birth of a Legend Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo Pocket Football Club is available here: Every legend starts somewhere. Nintendo Pocket Football Club arrives on Nintendo eShop on...
Apr 10
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Super Smash Bros. Direct Presentation - 08.04.2014

Series director Masahiro Sakurai delves into some of the new features, characters, Assist Trophies and more in this presentation on Super Smash Bros. for Wii...
Apr 8
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""Wolfenstein - 'Nowhere to Run' Gameplay Trailer" (Bethesda):"
Apr 8
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Apr 7
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""The numbers game - Why Amazon's use of Metacritic scores is a terrible idea":"
Apr 6
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The Witcher 3 mocap session gone wrong

This is totally not an April Fools' video... Really guys, it's totally not. Seriously.
Apr 2
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Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps. To catch 'em all, grab your Poké Ball an...
Mar 31
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""Series Director Katsura Hashino Gives His Insights Into Persona 5":"
Mar 27
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""Sony layoffs hit three UK studios - Evolution, Guerilla Cambridge, SCE London affected":"
Mar 25
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""Levine reveals plans for a new approach to narrative structure":"
Mar 24
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"Followed Brent's recommendation and read Batman: Hush. Great stuff! Highly recommended, especially with Arkham Knight on the horizon."
Mar 23

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The Axe Factor Poll!

What do YOU think the game industry should do to address social injustice?
Nothing, everyone should make the games they want to and include whatever they like0%
Provide players a choice with regard to gender/ethnicity/sexuality0%
At every stage of the process, simply ask "Are we being exclusionary?"0%
Other (Post a comment on TAF 156)0%
Not much needs to happen beyond raising awareness, people will make better choices once they understand why its important0%
Accurate information needs to be injected so publishers understand that being inclusionary doesn't equate financial loss0%


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Most Anticipated of 2014?

What`s up Axe Heads! I just joined the ranks & figured that since I have not met any of you yet I would say hi! So... Hello! Now that I got that out of the way I have wanted to join for quite some time however I have so little of it that I kept postponing or forgetting. Between my full time day job, my two beautiful daughters, my incredible wife, friends & family its easy to be distracted & forget. In any case, I am happy that I have finally did it.

So I am curious as to…

A response to yet ANOTHER racist rant against White Male Gamers.

So Polygon, paragon of gaming virtue that it's not, has put forth another article on how wrong it is to be a white male gamer.  By another white male gamer.

Here is the link for those who care to read it:

And this is my…

Sorry All: No EBC This Week :[

Hey all, sad news I'm afraid. DK's computer suffered a serious hiccup and is off being nursed back to health. Unfortunately, we're not going to be able to record EpicBattleCry this week. Hopefully, things will be back to the routine next week. See you then!

The Axe Factor 156: The Year of Aliens

The darkness cannot conceal you from The Axe Factor! This week, we're joined by guest-host Alex Thomas of Stoic to drool over Alien Isolation, golf-clap Hitman GO, and discuss a BioWare Dev's call for the industry to end social injustice in gaming.


This Week:

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Gamer or QA tester? Early Access (long)

On the 16th of May 2007 the Halo 3 public Multiplayer Beta saw release for members of Microsoft's Xbox Live Subscription service. It contained 3 maps, a handful of game modes to play as well as a selection of the new weapons added in the sequel. Ostensibly the build was disseminated to test the matchmaking system, network loads and game balance but the use of an outdated iteration or 'Build', the heavy marketing and it's bundling with another…


The Axehead Demographic

Started by Selcinorhc in Site Discussions. Last reply by CornRPeople2 10 hours ago. 25 Replies

Greetings all, I've been thinking about the EBA community recently and have been wondering about what gamers our site is comprised of.  What do we do for a living, what sort of time we devote to…Continue

Your team in Pokemon X & Y

Started by Hellion in Site Discussions. Last reply by Hellion yesterday. 6 Replies

Just getting back into Pokemon and wanted to know who do you guys have in your team?Thanks to some cool trades on wonder trades I have a old school team…Continue


Started by Amrit Randay in Off-Topic Discussions. Last reply by Hellion yesterday. 45 Replies

Welcome Axe-Head Army.  I wanted to basically make this thread dedicated to pickups!  Feel free to share what you've bought for the month so far, and all the months to come!  It can be game related,…Continue

Tags: stuff, awesome, collectibles, pickups

My Next Drifting Video - YOU decide

Started by Abberjam in Game Discussions. Last reply by Marcos on Monday. 1 Reply

Howdy fellow AxeHeads! First off, thankyou to the small handful of you that took interest in my recent Forza 5 drifting videos. They're great fun to make and help cure my boredom :PFor my next video…Continue

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