EpicBattleCry - Skirmish 180 - You Have To Blow In It

With Sony soon to unveil the future for PlayStation, team EBC breaks down what we can expect. Plus, GTA V gets delayed, The Witcher returns, EA mulls over Medal of Honor, and the Call of Duty Championship offers mega bucks! We're rocking your iconic face buttons off in this edition of gaming's most brutal video podcast!




Grand Theft Auto V Delayed Until September
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Revealed As Open World, 'Next Gen' RPG
Activision, Xbox Announce Million Dollar Call of Duty Championship
Medal of Honor Out Of EA's Shooter Rotation

TOPIC: What To Expect From Sony’s Upcoming Event

With Sony teasing the opportunity for the gaming community get to know the “Future of PlayStation” later this month (Feb. 20 to be exact), team EBC breaks down what we’re expecting (and hoping for) out of the event. Will we get any hardware surprises or see big-time IPs? What will Sony have to do to take the early lead in claiming the next-gen crown and what SHOULDN'T they do to hurt their cause?

See The Future of PlayStation This February


Star Wars Pinball
Epic Mickey Developer Junction Point Shut Down by Disney
 Mutant Mudds (iOS)

MEMBER: Rowan - AzureCantabile

The issue is rarely that they set out to deceive consumers, and more that "gamers" simply look at these trailers and immediately jump to one of two conclusions. At the end of the day though, the reason I would question the purpose of CG trailers is not that they're misleading, but that you can never realistically expect the average consumer to look at those trailers with the kind of analytical eye even a first year film student could. The reaction of the average consumer will generally be either indifferent based purely on that it's CG, or to take it too literally and judge the game harshly in hindsight.

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Comment by Berserkaren on February 7, 2013 at 1:45pm

Hey Axeheads and Axelords!

I know many people are really crushed about the september delay of GTA V, I have a friend who LOVES the GTA series and when he saw this news (thanks to me) I was on skype with him and he mimiced the Darth Vader: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! and I burst out laughing since that was really funny and then said that I'm sorry for your loss my friend, but it is only a delay. He was.. upset to say the least. If the Witcher 3 has a similar delay the roles would be reversed.

Speaking of The Witcher 3 I can't wait for the game to come out. Openworld Witcher game with a great story and combat? Sounds too good to be true. If I could only buy one game 2014 it would be it without hesitation. It is my most wanted game since 2011.

The Witcher 1 and The Witcher 2 are on the top of my Top 11 List of best games I have ever played. The Witcher 1 is longer than Witcher 2 and has a long learning curve and is more of a tactical RPG than The Witcher 2s Action RPG. The Witcher 2 however has great atmosphere, great voiceacting and is extremely goodlooking. You will need a monster PC to get it running on the highest graphics at 60fps. The REDEngine 2 is pretty amazing actually and since The Witcher 2 Patch 3.2 there are almost no bugs left.

Oh wow thanks for the shout out Brent, I did not expect that, I really hope you will like the Witcher games as much as I did. Do tell what you think of the games when you try them out. :)

Sony will probaly not unveil the PS4 but the concept of it and as Tony says a pricedrop on the Vita or the new move or perhaps even the UI and concept of the PS4. If they do unveil it at this conference this far from E3 I will be most surprised. Sony does however need to release their console before Xbox if they want to compete for real this time.

Well that is it for me have a good one Axeheads and Axelords! Stay Frosty!

Comment by Patch on February 7, 2013 at 2:25pm

As far as Sony’s next Playstation is concerned it will be a matter of bringing concrete evidence of new, groundbreaking software/hardware that is able to effectively separate itself from not only the competition, but also from last generation consoles. Innovative exclusive titles, powerful visuals, and the transition to more competitive pricing through current digital distribution models all have the potential of pushing the next Playstation over the top and into the minds of consumers. Talk of invasive anti-used game software, obnoxious DRM, or half-baked presentation of their products, should be avoided at all costs. I feel that Sony’s head start is only advantageous if it is used effectively.

Comment by StarBound on February 7, 2013 at 2:48pm

Going into the first CD generation consoles SEGA seemed to have much better developer support than the playstation. However in the end the psx proved more powerful and better at handling 3D. Nintendo lost some of its console exclusive brands like Final Fantasy and the psx simply exploded with content. However the biggest battle will be not between the nexbox or ps4 but rather between the PS3 vs PS4.

The determining factor going forward is will the online services stay the same, will they improve or will in sony's case be met with hostility if they have to start charging to play online? From a fresh buyer perspective does the increased system specs offer enough to satisfy the price difference if you can get the current library for a nickle and dime as appose to the higher price with limited library?

Comment by Billy as in Double Dragon on February 7, 2013 at 6:35pm

Hail Axe lords. How come the EBC episodes aren't getting as much love as Axe Factor on RSS? It seems that since it's gotten back to GT, there's at least 1 day delay until I get it on google reader. I haven't had the same problem with Axe Factor as far as I know.

Comment by Aaron Wells on February 7, 2013 at 7:12pm

Brent Adams from one metal head to another http://youtu.be/_LEKU7cBOak

There you go bud. Tell me what you think.

Comment by Michael Trevino on February 8, 2013 at 2:28am

OH LORDS OF EBC, HOW ART THOU?! And where the heck is the itunes version????

Comment by Miguel Ramos on February 8, 2013 at 7:47am

The thing with console generations is that, even if there are PC's capable of doing the same types of things as next gen consoles, the current consoles are the baseline. You have to make games capable of running on current consoles, and maybe upgrade graphics and textures for the PC's capable of running them. But the core game is the same. With new hardware comes a new baseline. Now you can truly explore new options and avenues, not just graphical, but different systems, AI and gameplay options. That's why I'm excited for the next Playstation. Why not the next XBox? Because of the games. The exclusives I want to play are either PC, Nintendo or Sony exclusives, albeit Nintendo is on a different race. Xbox brings nothing that excites me. Sure Halo looks fine, but nothing more.

The next Playstation will be a giant leap, at least for gamers. I'm not sure the general audience can see the difference in graphics that was always evident in former generation changes. Better AI, greater game worlds, more interactivity, greater gameplay experiences are not things you can easily check on a box, you need to play the games and know other games to compare them. That is why, specially in the middle of a worldwide economic crisis, I believe the next gen may struggle.

For me PS4 is a day one purchase. I just can't wait to get my hands on the next Dark Souls, the next Witcher, the next Fallout, the next Uncharted. Bring it on!

Comment by Hokum on February 8, 2013 at 8:13am

While I belive anything that promotes eSports is a good thing, this Call of Duty stunt is not going to change anything. FPS are just not audience friendly in the same way that RTS games are. In a 4v4 there are 8 different viewpoints and the task of making it TV friendly comes down to switching between them in some way, while RTS games has one observer watching the entire game and can present the action much more viewer friendly.

Also these $1 mill. championships pop up every so often, but the only thing impressive about them in the aftermath are usually the $1 mill. dollars. I´d much rather see this money being put to making eSports better across the board, then this promo stunt.

As an aside, who among the Axeheads watch eSports on a regular basis and of what games? I my self watch Starcraft 2, and have been wathing the GSL before I wrote this post :)

Comment by Equinoxe on February 8, 2013 at 10:47am

Wouldn't be using CoD on XBox with controller something like the Paralympics of eSports?


Comment by Aussie Legend on February 8, 2013 at 12:14pm

Oh Berserkaren, you sellout haha. As me and Berserkaren are the self-appointed official CD Projekt Red ambassadors for EBA, I have to say I really hope you enjoy the Witcher 2 Brent. If you already have the game however, I feel going back to the first game might be a little too jarring. I do however, fully recommend you watch this video before you start the game to catch you up on the events of the first game, it does a very good job of explaining the important plot points. Again, hope you enjoy!

Anyways, on the subject of the PS4 announcement I'm guessing we'll see the physical console itself and more than likely the controller. I don't think any games will be shown playing, however I do think we will see either an in-game or CG trailer for the highly rumored Killzone 4 (which seems to be the go-to franchise for showing off new tech) and possibly one more game (riiiiiiidge racer anyone?). Apart from that, we'll hear a lot of fluffy PR stuff like connectivity and integration into the living room but it won't give us a real indication of the thing... that of which they will leave for e3.

I don't really care what they announce in all honesty, I'm just glad that we're finally getting this next gen ball rolling so to speak... 2013 is going to be a highly exciting year for gaming :D

And finally, the Witcher 3 makes me rock aard 8)


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