EpicBattleCry - Skirmish 223: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

On this evolutionary edition of EBC we break down the debut footage from Evolve, debate Destiny’s potential domination, learn when we should watch for Watch Dogs and mech room for some delays. Plus, has Sony finally convinced the masses that we all need a PS Vitas? We attempt to get a life on this not-so-slim version of gaming’s most brutal video podcast!



TOPIC: TIME TO GET A LIFE? Sony has been making a strong case for the PS Vita and recent announcements including a Slim version of the platform for release in the US and UK combine with word of Borderlands 2 and the God of War/Sly Cooper collections’ arrivals to beg the question - Is it finally time to pick up a PS Vita???



MEMBER:  Israel Pacheco

I think there are a couple things Nintendo can do to turn things around for the company as a whole. The first one being, as you guys mentioned, bringing their games to mobile platforms. I would like to see two different types of games come to mobile. The first and most obvious being their back catalog of games from consoles such as the NES and SNES, and handhelds such as the GB and GBA. These games all have simple button configurations that could translate well to a touch screen. The second type of games would be short bite sized experiences using their characters like Mario. That way if you wanted a longer more fulfilling experience you can pick up a 3DS or a WiiU.

The second thing Nintendo can do is acquire companies like Sega/Sammy and Capcom to expand their first party exclusives roster. This can fill the gaps between Nintendo's in house studio releases. Characters like Sonic and Mega Man would appeal to a younger demographic, while series like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Persona would appeal to an older demographic.

P.S. Nice to hear you guys back! Keep kicking ass in 2014! 

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Comment by Patch on February 13, 2014 at 12:46pm

I’m starting to gain interest in the Vita for the reasons you guys mentioned, but even more so for recent developments in the Vita exclusives library and the PS4/PS Vita cross-platform functionality.

 Although, I have enjoyed both Borderlands and God of War prior to Vita, I would still like to pick one up to play the increasingly popular and critically acclaimed Tearaway, as well as interesting exclusives such as Persona 4 Golden, the recent arcade shooter: TxK, and the somber RPG: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

Add to that, the PS4 cross-platform features, the wonderful Playstation Plus model, and a powerful handheld experience, and you will find a great piece of hardware finally hitting its stride. I find it hard not to own one soon.

Comment by StarBound on February 13, 2014 at 1:49pm

When it comes to handheld vs handheld consoles the 3DS with inferior specs wins flatout with its library (including its backwards compatibility).

The vita on the other hand is in an interesting position. With your PSN+ account spanning over all your playstation systems you have access to cross play (sometimes cross buy) and the best part of PSN+, the freebies! I have not yet used the vita for remote play but find it interesting that Nintendo did not link their Wii U and 3DS from the launch of their system. It seemed like the obvious route with Nintendo pushing the 2nd screen or touch controller.

When all is said and done I haven't fully seen the value of my vita yet. There are a good few exclusives but nothing has screamed that must have experience.

Comment by Berserkaren on February 13, 2014 at 2:30pm

Good show axelords!

BAO not fixing current bugs is nuts.. they want to get the DLC out? Why would we invest in a broken game?! Where is the logic in that? No.. Warner get your shizzls together.. Fix the core game!! By Odin's beard..

Destiny looks intriguing.. Not sure it will be the best selling video game in history but it is all companies dreams that their own game will be.

Comment by Lance Latham on February 13, 2014 at 2:54pm

Damn, how many times does Gearbox want me to buy Borderlands 2? Still, very interested in having that title on the go. Indeed, there are more and more reasons for fence sitters to get on the Vita.

Comment by Mutt Vegas on February 13, 2014 at 4:18pm

Hey fellas! Thanks for another great episode of EBC. I always look forward to the show. I like how you each have a point of view that tend to differ and deep discussions that get me thinking. Just not barrage the PUNishment. I'm talking to you Tony. One of the main selling points for me for the Vita and the Sony home consoles has been the cross buy and play with many big IPs. Nintendo should take a hard look at what Sony got right in appealing to not only a nostalgia gamer like me but the potential to attract current and new gamers with vast library the rival Nintendo's. I buy Chrono Trigger or Mega Man once with the option to play it on my home console or potable console whenever and wherever I want. I also enjoy the distinct advantage of grinding on MMOs like DC Universe Online and look forward to doing the same on Final Fantasy XIV or Elder Scrolls Online on the PS4. Whether I'm in the living room with the family or jumping into bed my Vita is there to help me easily churn out level. I look forward to playing Borderlands 2 again on my vita.

Comment by James Burton on February 13, 2014 at 4:56pm
Hey guys! Awesome episode again, as always. Great discussion about the vita and its current state, and I have to say that I agree with Tony for the most part. Although I love cross play and I believe sometimes the vita gets the better versions of some games (rayman origins and Legends are both amazing on the vita, Thomas was alone and hotline Miami was also fantastic on the vita) I do think the amount of ports of old games coming to the vita is excessive. This is even more true when you consider the amazing vita specific games that truly show the potential of the system. Games like Tearaway and Guacamele are great examples of this. I believe Sony is doing a better job with the vita now, with strong indie support and big titles like borderlands 2 and God of War coming soon the appeal for the system is widening and growing, however, I wish that more games that work with the unique features of the console were released (tearaway again an amazing example). When more games embrace this type of thinking, then the console will reach its full potential.
Comment by Aussie Legend on February 14, 2014 at 9:36am

A few points I'd like to add on the Vita subject (as a big enthusiast of the platform):

As far as exclusive games goes, I'm personally okay with only 2-3 "Tearaways" a year (and by "Tearaways" I mean an exclusive game that utilises some or all of the Vita's unique functionality, crafting a unique experience exclusive to the platform, Tearaway being the prime example of this). I'm cool with that because hey, I want some great PS4 games too! I think Sony have pin-pointed more precisely where the Vita sits in its own ecosystem of platformers. Its not only the games but its also the versatility of the Vita which I believe allows the two to co-existed (where I feel that the 3DS is significantly eating up some of the WiiU's potential progress as they are significantly splitting resources, or put more simply: the 3DS is getting all the good games because developers want to make games for the more popular and viable platform). I love the Vita, heck my game of the year last year was Tearaway, and whilst the LED screen in the new model is slightly disappointing, I'd more than recommend picking one up at that price point later in the year or even one at the price it is right now. Between some great PS1+PS2 games on the go, Playstation Plus, Remote Play and a few great exclusives, I believe the Vita is very much worth having in your gaming porfolio at this point in time, the reasons not to grab one are quickly becoming less and less.

Also as a side note, Daddy Kayser, do not buy Tearaway or Minecraft for your Vita because your kids will steal it and never give it back! :D Minecraft is commonly know by the term "cocaine for kids", and whilst I can't remember the ages of your kids off the top of my head, I think Minecraft on the go could be huge if Sony handles it correctly (and if your kids are into that, say goodbye to your Vita). Tearaway would also be an amazing game for a small kids/teens/kids at heart/me (like I mentioned above it was my game of the year and is fantastic). The amount of creativity and character that Media Molecule enfused into that game would have blown my mind if I had this when I was a kid. I know if I had a little boy or girl I'd let them loose with that game, let their imagination go wild, even do some of the IRL papercraft stuff, would definately recommend anyone with kids of the right age to grab and fully experience that game with their children. 

Onto Nintendo quickly, aside from some of the issues I outlined at the top, I could easily see them buying Capcom; I think they'd actually be a pretty good fit for them. To be absolutely frank Capcom are broke as fuck right now, and by broke as fuck I mean THQ dangerous levels of broke as fuck. Capcom are the next big publishers to go, I am convinced from some research and some things I've heard from some friends closer to the action than I, so an acquisition by Nintendo would make a great deal of sense. Firstly they would secure Monster Hunter rights, something that is (or at least should be) very important for Nintendo. Capcom have some pretty Nintendo'y franchises already (Phoenix Wright for example, plus Mega Man is in Smash), and if we could get more Resident Evil games in the vein of Revelations on the 3DS I'd be totally cool with them snapping 'em up. As far as Sega and Nintendo go, I don't see that one personally (plus my 90's brain would implode from the sheer thought of Nintendo and Sega working together)

And finally, Child of Light looks dope as heck, day 1 all the way!

Comment by Saci on February 14, 2014 at 9:58am

I had the Vita for some time now... and I played it very little, because a I don't have time to play it.. and When I got time, most of the times I'm at home playing on my home console.. but now with the PS4 I see that I had started playing more and more on the vita.. because, when my girlfriend whats to see something, or she is doing something but wants my company I see my self very often picking up my vita to continuing play my ps4 game on other devision of the house next to her. Besides this fact, I see a lot of potential in this..but I only got there after had experience it by my self. 

Comment by Ivan on February 14, 2014 at 10:13am

Strangely enough, I contemplate buying a Vita because I want to play FFIV the Complete Collection a PS2 gam; however, having never owned a handheld console before, I just can't see myself playing on such a small screen for a prolonged amount of tie.  Let alone, I've got a stack of RPGs and their full DLC offerings to enjoy so I don't see where I'll have the time especially because I don't travel often. 

As for Nintendo, I wonder if they will ever change?  The Wii U was so illogical on so many levels considering the direction of their competitors.  Although their are constant talks of them putting out their games on other platforms, you would think a new "next" gen console would be their only saving grace to become competitive again.  But they won't and probably can afford to abandon the Wii U nor develop a new competitive console.  I know we don't want Nintendo to fall but have they not doomed themselves already?

Comment by Lance Latham on February 14, 2014 at 10:52am

@Ivan I had the same misgivings about owning a handheld console. I don't take public transportation and also have many other responsibilities like work and family. But, I have found time to get in a lot of gaming on the Vita, actually. 


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