The Axe Factor 161: Stop That Sentence

Time travel can't save you from The Axe Factor! This week, we're packing a super-size What We're Watching section with new media for #BattlefieldHardline #QuantumBreak #BattleCry and more! Then we talk E3 Hype Fatigue and how its colored our anticipation for this year's show.


This Week:

What We’re Watching:

Quantum Break - Gameplay Teaser

Battlecry - Reveal Trailer

Leaked Battlefield Hardline Trailer

Homefront: The Revolution

Who’s Next - Official Mortal Kombat X Announce Trailer

What We’re Reading:

Up at Noon - E3 Guarantees…

What We’re Playing:

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Watch Dogs



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Comment by Emil on June 3, 2014 at 6:41am

I'm have to say that this, Hardline, isn't the first time we're seeing ziplines and grappling hooks in Battlefield, they were also in Battlefield 2: Special Forces and yes they were 110% awesome.

Comment by best_jeppe on June 3, 2014 at 8:25am

From what I can judge the Mortal Kombat X trailer was in-game or it was a mismash between in-game and CG. If you look at the ground, background and characters when they fight it looks very much like in-game because if it was CG it would be shitty done CG. Just the fact that their feets doesn't make footprints in the snow speaks to the fact that it's in-game because if it was CG they wouldn't have overlooked that.

Regarding the comparison between movie production and game production and why the latter doesn't seem to be able to plan accordingly, I find your comparison a bit lacking. As you say yourself it is two completely different mediums and work-methods. Movies are linear as you can pretty much plan the whole movie and the whole production ahead of time with storyboards and whatnot and that way get a good estimate on how long it will take to do and how much it will cost. Games on the other hand are dynamic in the sense that you can't with a 100% certainty know exactley how you are going to accomplish anything or how long it will take or how it will function in the end. And as games becomes more complex with more underlying systems, the more things are going to get wrong. The reason games from 10 - 15 years and before was reasonably stable was because they also were much much simpler than the games released today, in every aspect.

Now that isn't an excuse for shitty releases but more the problems we face in this day and age when it comes to games. It might very well be that we have to expect games to perhaps take 4 years of development now if the average game during the last generation took 3 years, just to get it to the same release quality as previous generations.

As Lorin I really dug Wolfenstein The New Order and was a bit suprised how good the game was. Now I expected a solid title since it was former developers of Chronicles of Riddick who made the game but they surpassed my expectations. I have started a second playthrough to check out the second timeline.

To bad Watch dogs was acting up for you Brent. I was actually really looking forward to hear your guys opinion on the game but it will have to wait a couple of weeks to after E3 I guess.

Great show all and all. And remember, if a game is published by EA och Ubisoft...DONT BUY IT ON DAY ONE!!!

Comment by Steven Riley on June 3, 2014 at 10:53am

I take a little bit of issue with all the negativity dished out towards Battlefield 4. Sure, I know it was absolutely busted upon release for most people. But Lorin himself played it broken for a couple of months and claimed to have fun until he was fed up with the jankyness, which I don't blame him. But I wanted to post to tell everyone that Battlefield 4 has improved since the launch quite substantially. I'm only speaking for the ps4 version but I'm also hearing good things about the XB1 version as well. You may remember they found a hardware malfunction and claimed to have replaced said hardware. Ever since then I have noticed a major improvement as far as stuttering and rubberbanding. There are more improvements to come but I would wager that they have fixed the worst part of it maybe deserve at least enough credit to stop saying the game is flat broken, perhaps a second chance.

Comment by StarBound on June 3, 2014 at 12:05pm

The E3 hype train is becoming less hypey with trailers being released daily. There are no surprise reveals, only confirmations at this point.

I have lost a lot of trust in the gaming industry ever since the 360/ps3 days. It only became worse with gaming PCs being able to deliver on the false promises of developers while the only thing they are able to deliver is not even half of visually promising.

I don't expect console games to hit PC levels but get those 40-60fps games going and detail them appropriately. The system should be powerful enough. And don't advertise bullshit. Live and die by your words.

Comment by Yoshi on June 3, 2014 at 1:47pm

Great show guys. You brought up great points too. I’m going to talk about my main issue... Also want to apologize that I had to delete this twice. Im at work and trying to finish this so i can get back to it haha...  i had some errors to fix. Anyway...

It seems like development isn't structured as well as it used to be. Given that i worked on an MMO, we got away with being able to add in things later or make touch-ups even after the game was shipped. That's an MMO though, that's kind of expected.

That being said, I think the ability for developers to add things later or fix things after it has been shipped and found broken has made them somewhat lazy to a degree. Especially when it comes to single player games. Games like Batman Origins, or Battlefield 4 wouldn't have even been shipped back in PS2 genre due to the bugs they both contained. I believe Unreal championship allowed patches, but the amount of games that had this ability were very few. I think as far as development goes, I feel there should be a main focus on the type of game they want us to see verses the type of game they want to show. We should see games what it is, and not for what it "could be"

Watchdogs for example. We were excited about the game because it looked like the game that would show us what all games should be like. It was the type of game we thought would be hard to follow. It wasn't just because of it being a new IP. It was because of the way it looked. It really pisses me off when the creative director Jonathan Morin said that next gen should not be based on graphics, but the experience and gameplay. While im 50/50 on what he said. I felt he flat out lied. If he felt that graphics were not what next gen should be focused on... then WHY THE FUCK DID THEY SHOW WATCHDOGS ON THE HIGHEST GRAPHIC SETTINGS AND WITH A PS4 CONTROLLER?!! If this was the case, they should not have won that E3 2012. They at least pulled a better game than Aliens (POS) colonial marines I give them that. Yes... I bought the game and yes; it’s not the groundbreaking game I had hoped for. It’s just a good game, but nowhere near game of the year. For me anyway...

I personally think that not getting a 1080p game at 60 FPS feels like a step back. I think games are suffering because they feel like they have to give us a release date.. i think when a new games comes out for reveal, it should say "COMING SOON" small text... computer, PS4 and XBONE... good day the end!! As it gets closer and they see that they are just in polish mode, "THEN" give the fucking date! I don't mind a game at 30 FPS, but did he have to sacrifice both? I don’t know what he means about next gen experience based mainly on the experience, but if people believed that then why are most people buying these games on PC?  I believe most of us want both Graphics and high FPS. Some play it on console to get closer to that experience of graphics and smooth game play, which is what i thought we’d be promised.

It’s going to get to the point where some companies are going to shoot themselves in the foot on release. I don't want to feel like I have to hesitate when I want to get a game at launch. I decided to get watchdogs 24 hours before the game shipped and this was because i was worried id be wasting my money. This is how I know I’m disappointing... When I buy a game, I usually take my time with it. This game I’m just playing it, just to play it, though it’s not too bad, I want it to be done. Like I said the game is pretty good. But when I’m done it’s not something I'm going to pick back up again. It’s not the game itself it’s just the trickery that went behind it.

OMG!! I wrote a book... I’ll stop here.


Comment by Ian - Alexander Arts on June 3, 2014 at 2:31pm

I thought it was Mortal Kombat 10, not X. Wasn't the previous one the ninth in the series?

Comment by Ian - Alexander Arts on June 3, 2014 at 2:41pm

Pretty sure Brent made an accidental Boon pun on the MK section, btw.

Comment by DefGeoff256 on June 3, 2014 at 7:16pm

Great show, guys, as always!

I have to agree with Lorin on the Battlefield Hardline, not really into it.  All of the things Brent called out as things that could make this game awesome are things I wholeheartedly agree with but... I just can't get excited about this.  Why the Battlefield Brand?  It just doesn't make any sense... the brand execs seem to have taken over titles and that just irks me.  Also, on a moral level, I don't agree with taking the battle mentality to a domestic law and order sort of level.  I mean, I get it from a brand level.  It's a game, and you need to tie in your established brand and marry it to your new game... but really?

Re: Production models, Games vs. Film

There is no doubt that big publishers and want to move to a more Film-like way of producing content.  The sequels, the re-hashing of old content/story/gameplay, and the analytics are all in an effort to streamline the process to a predictable beast.  The main issue is, as Brent so succinctly pointed out, games are orders of magnitude more complex than movies.  Just the fact that you have to edit as you go makes dealing with production a lot more volatile and prone to decisions that have a cascade effect on everything you have done and will do from that point forward. So the bigger companies who invest 100s of millions on a project want a predictable model that they can bank on and brag about.  And they've had some marked success - think any long running sports/racing/FPS title out there today.  

The issue is whether or not the film type of production model for games can produce originality that is successful - something big games used to do much more regularly, in my opinion.

Comment by Lance Latham on June 3, 2014 at 7:52pm

Oh Watch_Dogs... I have moved from "picking this game up after I finish Transistor" to "I can wait to get this for a gift sometime in the future." Who knows, by the time Giftmas comes around, there may be a Super Special Edition with all of the piecemeal DLC wrapped up in a nice little bundle. But I just lost all hype for the title over the last few months and certainly after the rocky launch I heard so many people experienced. Sure, I'd be getting it on the PS4 and would not be privy to the myriad clusterf$&ks PC gamers have. But on the whole I don't want to support this all to frequent "put it out now, patch it later" mentality from publishers/developers. I'm sure it's fun and I will most likely enjoy it when I do get it, but it just doesn't seem to be as groundbreaking as was hyped. The only thing that could possibly be a moderately mind-blowing experience is the seamless (?) integration of single player and multiplayer. 

Comment by Miguel Ramos on June 4, 2014 at 6:43am

Battlefield Hardline... YES!!! Finally no more brown military first person shooters! Warfighter, Warfare, Warwarriorwhatever! A bit of fresh air...


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