EpicBattleAxe Podcasts Torrent

A complete archive of every episde, of every show, -along with images and descriptions- EpicBattleAxe ever produced. Essentially an offline version of this site, the torrent also contains a few goodies that haven't yet made it to the online archive. It is for the connoisseur, the collector, and everyone who wants to help ensure the voice of EpicBattleAxe carrries on long past the day this site ceases to be. 

Enjoy and Thanks for seeding!

EpicBattleAxe Podcasts - 17.09GB

  • Bonus Features
    • Video, fan art, music, and more
  • EpicBattleCry
    • Pilot + 250 episodes
  • Force Feedback
    • 19 episodes
  • On Tap
    • 20 episodes
  • ReviewCast
    • 2 episodes
  • Postmortem
    • 8 episodes
  • The Axe Factor
    • 185 episodes
  • Under The Axe
    • 5 episodes